Views over Innsbruck: Hungerburg

Nordkette Innsbruck

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Hungerburgbahn funicular station in Innsbruck

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The best view over Innsbruck?

The “Hungerburg” (hunger castle)!

This district is located on a mountain plateau and one of the most desirable places to live in all of Tyrol.

You might be wondering where this strange name originates from!

Now, there might not be a castle up here, there are, however, a few stories that explain where that name comes from. One of them tells the story of Adolf Pichler (1819-1900), a famous scientist and author from Tyrol. After receiving a rather unsatisfying meal on a trip there, he gave the location the name “Hungerburg”. Hikers have made their way up here for hundreds of years. However, not many people actually lived here until the government asked citizens of the tyrolean capital to populate Hungerburg in 1904. Then, to further motivate people to move up there, the Hungerburgbahn (Hungerburg cable car) was built in 1906.


This hybrid funicular railway which was renovated and reopened in 2007 takes you to the mountain plateau in a matter of minutes, starting from the Altstadt (old city) of Innsbruck. At the Hermann Buhl Platz (Hermann Buhl square), which is where the Hungerburgbahn has it’s stop, is where you’ll find an observation deck with a spectacular view.

The food has significantly improved since Adolf Pichler was last spotted here, so you definitely won’t have to hold onto that hunger while you spend your time up here.

Author & Photographer: Martin

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