Beatrice - The "foodie" traveller

Discovering the sandbanks around Venice

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It all started in the heart of the Alps (in Innsbruck) where I was born, grew up ... and was bitten by the travel bug.

My first long haul flight went to the fascinating country of Thailand when I was seven years old, followed and preceded by other travels to Greece, Corsica, Tunisia, ...

Then, during my university studies (Romance Literature and Linguistic), I got the chance to participate in an Erasmus exchange program bringing me for a year to beautiful Angers in France. However, wanderlust got worse and after graduating from University with a master’s degree, I decided to start a new adventure in Canada: With all my belongings on my back, I discovered the Canadian "wideness" and "wilderness" before settling down for work in Montreal.

Back in Europe, I moved to Venice and meditated on how to combine my passions (languages, travelling, reading, culture, art) with my career.

The solution? I decided to participate in the governmental exams to become a licensed tour leader and tour guide (No,it’s actually not the same profession. ;)) sharing my love for Venice and its off-the-beaten-track spots with travellers.

As "you never stop learning" I invest my time in continuous formation by participating in art & history lessons or courses about kid friendly and barrierfree tours.

In my free time I like to cook (“l’Italie oblige” with its delicious food and wines), to relax in our green oasis at home, to discover the beautiful nature surrounding Venice, to travel and to watch anime and fantasy movies (Yes, I’m totally a nerd ;).)

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Venice - doge palace